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1. Name/Sex/Age/Location: Nikki/female/13/south carolina
2. Top 5 Bands: Nirvana, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Hoobastank
3. Top 5 Movies: Secret Window, The Butterfly Effect, Office Space, 10 Things I hate about you, and The Virgin Suicides
4. List your best and worst qaulities: my best quality is my ability to cheer people up and my worst is my temper
5. Your best body part, and why is it so hot? My eyes because they change colors from blue to green and also sometimes they'll have a touch of yellow and green in the middle and then blue on the outside

*How do you feel about.....

Harry Potter fans: I like them just as long as they are not freaks to go along with it. I like the books.
Anime: Mostly i think it's for younger people. Don't like it.
Star Trek: Very boring and cheesy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: It's an okay show. That was my nickname in 5th grade...don't ask. Some of the shows are dumb, but overall it's all right.
Friends: I used to like the show, but everyone is so happy and perfect. Bleck!
Will & Grace: I love Will. He's so cute! I just have a thing for gay guys.
Monogamy: If I had any clue what that was I would tell you.
Disney Movies: I think they're cute not the ones on tv, but the ones like Aladdin. I love that movie!
Diet Soda: We always have it in our house, so it's ok to me now. My dad has something like diabetes.
Music Piracy (MP3 File Sharing): It's wrong, but I do it.

If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?: Paris Hilton
opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: Johnny Depp
Who's your favorite actor?: Johnny Depp
Who's your favorite actress?: Kirsten Dunst
Favorite author?: Louise Rennison
Favorite stand-up comedian?: Larry the Cable Guy
Favorite athlete?: Lance Armstrong (my mom works with cancer survivors)
Favorite model?: Paris Hilton (I know a lot of other people have said her, but I love that show and she's so gorgeous)
Favorite Talk Show host?: Jerry Springer! Yeah!

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