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1. Body Butter- sorry i dont have a picture, but it smells like coconut and does a wonderfull job, only for $2.99 ... BARGAIN!!!

2. My Venus razor ......

I have the pink one!! I hate to be hairy, that why i love my venus, i can not have any hair on my body except on my head!!

3. My Computer


it enables access to the internet .... lj,aim,msn,pictures of friends,celebritys and ALL MY MUISC and FILM CLIPSS!! Oh yeah my brother was playing the sims when i took this picture!!

4. My Friends

Kim and Sarah

kim, me and sarah

me and prue

me and prue ... again

5. Cooking Chocolate

Im weird i know but i find dark chocolate cooking chocolate better than real chocolate its self!!!

This wasnt a very good post, but i didnt have much time.... i will put more effort into my next one!! xoxox


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