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1. Name/Sex/Age/Location Tyra/Female/14/Canada
2. Top 5 Bands: Usher Billy Talent Ashlee Simpson Simple Plan and umm Chingy
3. Top 5 Movies: Honey,Legally Blonde, American Wedding, Any movie with Ashton Kutcher and ALL scary movies
4. List your best and worst qaulities: Best: I'm a really nice caring person I'm always there for friends and they can trust me. Worst: I get mad sometimes really easy about stupid things.
5. Your best body part, and why is it so hot? I like my eyes, they're hazel but more greenish. I just like the color but I gotta have eyeliner on lol

*How do you feel about.....

Harry Potter fans: One of my friends loves Harry Potter, they movies were alright. I don't have a problem with him/them.
Anime: Alot of people in my school like anime, I ahve nothing against but I can't draw for crap haha
Star Trek: Borrringg! My parents used to watch it I don't like it at all theres no point to it!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I used to watch that lol its cool except that would never happen in real life.
Friends: I LOVE FRIENDS its one of my shows and I hate that its over!!!! I  love Joey and can't wait for his show to come out!
Will & Grace: Its funny as hell! Gay guys are great lol
Monogamy: I don't know what this is?
Disney Movies: Cute! I used to love them when I was little and Shrek is great lol
Diet Soda: I drink Diet Coke!
Music Piracy (MP3 File Sharing): I get my music off of iMesh... i mean I think its kind of wrong btu I don't wanna have to pay for every song I'd rather spend my money on other things I don't have that much money!

If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?: Hahaha ohhhh geesh who thought of this? lol umm Sandra Bullock I guess lol
opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: ASHTON KUTCHER! Or Chad MM they're both great.
Who's your favorite actor?: Ashton Kutcher
Who's your favorite actress?: Sandra Bullock / Britney Murphy
Favorite author?: I don't really have one... Christopher Pike I guess
Favorite stand-up comedian?: umm I don't know lol if I had to just pick anyoen that I think is funny then Joey off of friends
Favorite athlete?: Iverson!
Favorite model?: Tyra Banks she has the same name as me haha
Favorite Talk Show host?: If Maury/ Jerry Springer counts then them for sure.

I just wanna add a couple things if you don't mind...it tells you more about me : )
My favorite colors are pink and blue!
I love to play soccer its my favorite sport I usually play defence or midfield and sometimes play forward.
I love scrapbooking about anything I'm very creative with things like that.
I love swimming. Its the best thing in the world I could do it 24/7

Anyways here are my pictures! : ) The first is the best body shot one I have I hope its good enough!





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