Keik (glamqueen56) wrote in hot_not_hot,

Co-mod--- 5 Things I can't live without

The 5 things I can't live without......

  • My dog Ginger (thats my brother in the picture and I can't live with out either of them)


  • My blanket, It cost me $350 cnd. and I love it to death its a duvet. and i don't have a picture of it sorry.
  • My cell phone I don't have a picture of mine but my friends is similar this is kinda what it looks like.


  • My friends all of them.

  Roberta there naeighbor, Rachel (robbies sister) and some guys  Matt, Brad, Bob

Leigh  cam

I don't have pictures of the rest but they are all so important to me. And I love them dearly

  • My family I don't have a picture on my computer of all of us but I love them too expecial my mom i love her and with out her I wouldn't be here.



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