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1. Name/Sex/Age/Location beth,female,14,cananda
2. Top 5 Bands:umm i'm more into singers but i do like spice girls,good charlotte,the prefteen club,3 days grace,
3. Top 5 Movies:eurotrip,starsky &hutch,dude wheres my car,secret window,confessions of a teenage drama queen
4. List your best and worst qaulities:BEST:personality,fashion scense,legs Worst:eye brows(hate shape!,getting fixed again)feet(hate my feet!)and additude!
5. Your best body part, and why is it so hot?umm legs,not sure why.

*How do you feel about.....

Harry Potter fans: lol i like the movie.so their cool.
Anime: their okay
Star Trek: old
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: cool,sarah michelle gellar rocks!
Friends:the tv show will be missed 4ever.
Will & Grace: gay guys rule!
Monogamy: no comment
Disney Movies: some are good and some bad confessions of a teenage drama queen is cool
Diet Soda: good
Music Piracy (MP3 File Sharing): don't like sharring.

If you had to star in a same-sex love scene, who'd it be with?:paris hilton
opposite-sex love scene, who would it be?: ashton kutcher...sorry demi
Who's your favorite actor?: ashton kutcher
Who's your favorite actress?: paris hilton
Favorite author?: can't remember name
Favorite stand-up comedian?: --
Favorite athlete?: -
Favorite model?: paris hilton
Favorite Talk Show host?: kelly ripa

6. Show where you have promoted us (in at least one place):
sweetie_sarah and pretty_paris

7. Now, I better see some pictures below.

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